Poiesis & Theoria

I draw your attention to the second part of Heriberto Yépez: Ethopoetics, What Is It? posted by Jerome Rothenberg.

"We can define poetry as a series of techniques to construct—or if you prefer, deconstruct—the subject through concrete and various methods that involve voice, body, book, theory, therapy, vision, tradition and writing."

For anyone steeped in the work of Henry Corbin there will be some striking and provocative resonances here, particularly with respect "body," "book," "theory" and "tradition" (See for instance the first chapter of After Prophecy, on theoria.) It seems to me that Corbin's search for the Lost Speech has a very great deal in common with Yepez's project.

Stele with Glyphs, Uxmal, Yucatan - Stephen Vincent


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