International Journal of Illich Studies

The International Journal of Illich Studies is an open access, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to engaging the thought and writing of Ivan Illich and his circle.  Articles/Reviews/Reflections are invited on any subject that intersects with the wide range of IIlich’s ideas, or that represent a version of the social critique for which he became famous on matters such as modern developmentalism, industrialized "progress," institutional bureaucratization, the heuristic role played by historical consciousness, the moral life, and/or the privatization/publicization of the lay commons.


  1. I just posted a comment on your Corbin blog. Noticing your connection to the Temenos Academy prompts me to add a few more lines. (My one encounter with the Academy was attending Alan Garner's 'By Seven Firs and Goldenstone' lecture in 2007, but that evening led to all kinds of things.)

    Anyway, besides his writings, Illich's other legacy is the extraordinary network of thinkers who spent time in the oases of conviviality he created, first at CIDOC in Cuernavaca, and then on the edge of the campuses on which he taught in later years. For example, David Abram spent a year living in Illich's household at Penn State. Noticing your link to The Alliance for Wild Ethics, I realise I may be telling you things you already know, but you might be interested in the conversation I filmed with David in September:


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