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Friday, June 17, 2011

Olson at Goddard


Foreword by Basil King. Edited with an Introduction by Kyle Schlesinger.
Paperback. 112 pages. Cuneiform Press, 2011. $16.95 USDOrder from Cuneiform via Dale Smith HERE.

"In the spring of 1962, poet Charles Olson descended upon an experimental college in rural Vermont to read from The Maximus Poems and The Distances, and to lecture on Herman Melville. His captivating performance sparked lively debates with the audience on the nature of myth, history, etymology, narrative, knowledge, and sexuality. CHARLES OLSON AT GODDARD COLLEGE is an enthralling and indispensable annotated transcript that celebrates the intersection of Olson's poetics and a hopeful moment in American education."

This volume is on its way to me. More when it arrives. Audio files of the lectures can be found at PennSound HERE. I found these among the most interesting of his recorded lectures - highly recommended.

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