The Whole Earth

Reading Tom Friedman yesterday, The Earth is Full, I was reminded yet again of my long, slow and persistent astonishment that facts which I have taken for granted for my entire adult life are now slowly coming to the attention of enough people to (maybe) make a difference. My awareness of these things is due perhaps almost entirely to the FIRST WHOLE EARTH CATALOG that appeared in 1968 when I was 16 years old. It was in this and subsequent issues that I first read Gary Snyder, Ivan Illich and Wendell Berry, among many others. The Whole Earth people, including Stewart Brand, are still around and doing good work. Visit them here.


  1. many megadeaths no blame. When all reemerges, just like the Noah's flood, nothing will have been accomplished. Jung would recognize the real destroyer here, and its source is internal not external. The all devouring mother [Gaia] who one cannot liberate oneself from has married and teamed up with Cronos [globalization] who eats and destroys his children.


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