Online Short Course in Archetypal Psychology

The Houston Jung Center

The Poetic Basis of Mind: An Introduction to Archetypal Psychology

Note: Tom Cheetham will teach this class remotely. Technology will allow for discussion between Dr. Cheetham and his students.

Archetypal psychology is closely associated with the work of James Hillman. Departing from foundations in Freudian and Jungian thought, it moves in a different air: more Mediterranean, polytheistic, and exhibiting conscious parallels with Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies in its dissolution of literalisms and essentialisms. It provides a psychology of soul where anima is located primarily in the world and secondarily in the human person. It is more than a psychology and functions as a form of life for which metaphor and imagination are primary constituents of the world and the poetic basis of mind and nature is fundamental.

This course is available to live-stream, attend in person, or take in the combination that best suits you.

Registrants will be emailed viewing instructions prior to the event. Please contact Mary Oleyar at or 713-524-8253 ext. 23 with any questions.

Member Pricing: $125.00
Non-member Pricing: $135.00
Dates: Sep 5-26, 5:45pm-7:15pm




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