the angel lost in our bodies

Haunted Importantly  

It was in the transept of the church, winter in
the stones, the dim light brightening on her,
when Linda said, Listen. Listen to this, she said.
When he put his ear against the massive door,
there were spirits singing inside. He hunted for it
afterward. In Madrid, he heard a bell begin somewhere
in the night rain. Worked his way through
the tangle of alleys, the sound deeper and more
powerful as he got closer. Short of the plaza,
it filled all of him and he turned back. No need,
he thought, to see the bell. It was not the bell
he was trying to find, but the angel lost
in our bodies. The music that thinking is.
He wanted to know what he heard, not to get closer.

 - Jack Gilbert


  1. Hi Tom, this is a really nice, inspiring blog. It's great to see someone share such beautiful words on a regular basis.

    I'm a documentary film maker, and I'm actually making a film about spirituality.. I think you might like it. If you feel like browsing, do check out the blog at There is a trailer there too.



  2. Tom, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your talks at Rewley House on Oct.9th. I am the older American who handed you a glass of cold water in the coffee line (and took away your empty coffee cup later). My wife and I are retired teachers living in Oxford and we have read a fair amount of Jung and Hillman and have discovered Corbin during the last few years. I am presently reading your 'Prophecy' book and am interested to see how you plan to reconcile Corbin's 'Docetism' with Ilych's incarnational thought. My website is
    My 'own' ideas seem to have been tracking toward the kind of conclusions/attitude/faith that you are talking about. My wife shares this tendenz fully. Be good to talk more, Jay Wilson


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