Charles Olson in Connecticut

Charles Olson in Connecticut by Charles Boer; with an introduction by Fielding Dawson. North Carolina Wesleyan College Press, 1991.

I bought this on impulse to "complete" my little library of Charles Olson works & etc... I knew of Boer as editor of Spring Journal for many years, and as translator of Ovid and the Homeric Hymns. He was a student and friend of Olson. The book is a chronicle of Olson's last months in Connecticut, written in the second person as a long letter to Olson. I've found it quite a wonderful read. It seems to me a terrific book and nearly indispensable for anyone wanting to understand Olson the man and his poetry. There's a very brief review available on jstor here which is worth reading - though I think the book is far better, more interesting and useful than the reviewer suggests.


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