Edward S. Casey on the Imagination

I first met Ed Casey at Pacifica Graduate Institute a few years ago. I had known of his essays in archetypal psychology and of his long standing friendship with James Hillman. And I even once had a student read his Getting Back into Place which is a marvelous study in "ecological" phenomenology. But even then I had not appreciated the astonishing breadth and depth of his work. I am proud to count this kind and wonderful man as a friend. I am currently trying to put together some thoughts on the meaning of Imagination in Corbin, Jung and Hillman, and  I have long wanted to read and re-read some of Casey's writings. I've just finished the first essays in Spirit & Soul: Essays in Philosophical Psychology (Spring Publication, 1991) and I am stunned. I can't believe I haven't read more of his work. But then I was involved in different things. I take this opportunity to draw attention to his books - which are critical for anyone interested in the philosophy & psychology of the imagination. Ed is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Stony Brook and his faculty page has a nice list of his books and articles, including his most recent, The World at a Glance. He is also on the faculty at Pacifica. I have my work cut out for me now for quite a little while catching up on his thinking.


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