A Duncan Delirium

 Thanks as usual to Ron Silliman (here), I have this great back issue of "W" from the Kootenay School of Writing.

W10: A Duncan Delirium
Spring 2005
Contributors: Leslie Scalapino, Pauline Butling, Peter O’Leary, Lisa Jarnot, Leonard Schwartz, Stephen Collis, Miriam Nichols, Kim Duff, Jordan Scott
Material submitted in connection with the KSW’s Robert Duncan Festival “Before the War”, held in April 2005. Includes critical writings by Butling, Schwartz, Collis and Nichols, Duncan-related poetry by Scalapino, O’Leary, Jarnot, Duff, and Scott, plus a mystery bonus feature. Edited by Stephen Collis.


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