The Imagination of Music

This is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard of. You must listen.

A 4 Track Mind - on RadioLab
It's a story about Bob Milne that you won't believe.

Image: Tom Johnson: Syncopated Texture (in Imaginary Music; Paris: Editions 75, 1974)


  1. Tom:

    Many thanks indeed for this pointer. It gives me hope that the kind of polyphonic or contrapuntal thinking that I am attempting to practice and score and teach with my Said Symphony -- and which I believe is central both to the understanding of complex problems and to conflict resolution / peacemaking -- will in fact be something that humans can learn.

    And if I didn't already have a magnificent board for that endeavor, Tom Johnson's "Syncopated Texture" which you use as your illustration would have fitted the bill extraordinarily well.


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